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Wooden Truck Plans
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Code 230: Tuff Truck Tow Truck from the 1930's.
Code 232: Tuff Truck Tow Truck Expander Plan

Buy this double plan pack and SAVE! You get the awesome Tuff 1930's Tow Truck plus the 3 back expansion plan . . . build 4 different trucks for just $15

Code 232: Tuff Truck Tow Truck Expander Plan
Bought the Tuff Tow Truck Plan yet? Then you are going to want this one too! Build three new backs for the truck, to create totally new vehicles. You must already have the plan #230 (just below) so you can build the truck front and chassis. This super expansion plan is brilliant value at 7 bucks!
Code 230: Tuff Truck Tow Truck from the 1930's.
When a 1930's broke down, this tough but quirky looking tow truck would save the day and take it back to the garage. This is a super model for the wall unit or as special gift or sturdy enough to be enjoyed as toy, for generations into the 2030's.
Easy to build,this foot long (340mm) model is a "must have" for every truck fan.
Code 228: Tuff Truck 3-axle Gravel Trailer
This is big! This great tipper trailer and has 12 Wheels and hooks up to all Tuff Truck Road Tractors. The trailer is 16 ½" (42cm) long.
Road Tractor with Bull Bar and trailer are about 27" (68cm) long.
A must have for the Truck Fan. Please note: Plan is for Trailer only
Code 215: Scale Model Series 1:27. 2-Axle dump Trailer
Build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer - multi-plan - suits the "Scale Model Road Tractor" Plans. The axles are in a bogie, pivoted for rough terrain.

BIG in SCALE MODEL SERIES!This plan builds a 2-axle Dump Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration. Road Tractor and 2 trailers are about 32 inch long. A must have accessory to the Scale Model Truck Road Tractors. Please note: Plan is for Trailer only
Code 214: Tuff Truck Pulp Wood Trailer

build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer -multi-plan - suits the "Tuff Truck" Plans.

Make it long! Through the giant forests of North America, Canada and in the mountains of Australia, big log trucks are moving long loads. Th cleverly designed trailer has a pivoted bogie, which will adjust for uneven terrain. This plan is great value, building a Pulp Wood Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration.
Road Tractor and 2 trailers are nearly 5ft long. The single trailer is 22” (56cm) long.
red fire truck Code 213: Tuff Truck 24ft Tipper Trailer,
build as Semi-Trailer or Dog-Trailer -multi-plan - suits the "Tuff Truck" Plans

BECAUSE YOU WANT IT BIG! This plan builds a 24ft Tipper Trailer and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration. Road Tractor and 2 trailers are about 4ft long. A must have accessory to the Tuff Truck Road Tractors.
red fire truck Code 212: The Little Old TimerFire Truck - FREE! from the Tuff Truck Series

Everyone wants a Lil' Red Fire Truck at some stage in their life! Here is a fantastic free offer from Aschi, to show you how easy it is to make a wooden toy or scale model from scratch with one of our plans. Give it a go! Click the link at right and request yours.
click to request yours today
Code 211: Tuff Truck Trailer multi-plan - suits the "Tuff Truck" Plans

The plan builds a US 28ft–Double and Australian B-Double Trailers and a 2-axle dolly for single trailer configuration. Perfect accessories for your big rig!
3 truck plan Code 210: The famous WW2 Blitz Utility Truck

Build this faithfully reproduced plan as a classic desktop model or iconic toy. The plan is a Canadian Military Pattern flatbed truck, but you could research and build one with your own special choice of the myriad historical purposes. The Blitz was built by Chevrolet and Ford and was assembled in Canada, South Africa, Australia, India and Egypt.

The scale is 1:18 Buy this great value plan and build your awesome Blitz now!

3 truck plan Legends of the Highway - Three Truck Mega Plan = Mega Value!

Code 209: Pounding the while line for 30 years, here are 3 of the big-hooded, dual-diff Road Tractors / Prime Movers, that carry America on their backs.

You can build 3 different Road Tractors from one plan, saving you money. Just like the real thing, these bad boys are BIG MODELS! The Road Tractors are 13 " (34cm), 15 " (38cm) and 18" (46mm) long. Match them to a trailer easily - All Tuff Truck Series trailers hitch right up.


Buy now and build your own fleet of Road Tractors,
makes a great toy or display model. Scale 1:20

American Truck Model The Big American Truck

Code 207: This big-bonnetted beauty has graced the highways across the USA for decades. Builds a 3 axle flatbed Big Rig and a matching trailer. Just like the real thing, this is a BIG MODEL! The truck and trailer combo is just over 3 feet (.92m) long.


Buy and build your own Big Rig, makes a great toy or display model.
Scale 1:20 $12
Earth Mover Set Super Value Pak - Free Front End Loader!

Code 205: Earth Mover Set! Three awesome plans taken from the Tuff Truck Scale Series, combined to save you money. This Pack give you the ability to make sturdy toys, which are also excellent scale models. Proudly built from scratch by YOU! Easy to build and a joy to behold, grab your super pak and SAVE today!
Scale 1:20 $17
Heavy Dump Truck

Code 206: Tuff Truck Series. Heavy Dump Truck model based on a famous American original, used in industry and councils. Big Wheels and a long hood/bonnet to accommodate the powerful motor are the classic hallmark for off-highway use. The rear axles are in a movable bogie, perfect for rough terrain. 16 ½" (42cm) long. $11
3-Axle Tag Trailer

Code 204: Tuff Truck Series. 3-axle, 25 ton, tag-along beavertail trailer. Pivoted axle arrangement and movable ramps. The tow ring is adjustable to fit on all trucks in the Tuff Truck Series. 20" (50cm) long $6

Aschi has created a Super detailed plan for a scale model of a heavy end-dump semitrailer, in the Classic Series. This model is in 1:18 scale, yet it is easy to build like all toys and models from Aschi's Workshop.
The model is 31" (79cm) long. Super detailed plan. $12

Code 200 Scale model Series TATRA 8x8 Off Road Truck model

A realistic model, super detailed, fast and easy to build, with pivoted bogie to handle rough terrain. Build 2 different versions from one plan. The Off Highway with normal size dual wheels or the Off-Road version with big wheels. TATRA trucks are famous, winners of the DAKAR rally, build yours now!
Over 16 inch (41cm) long

Code 198 American Road Tractor + 28ft Trailer. Junior series

A replica of a Day Cab Road tractor with 2 pub trailers. Junior model, sturdy in children's hands for ply. The trailer roof can be opened.
25" (63cm) long
tuff American Rig Code 197:Tuff Truck Series - American Custom Big Rig
Based on the real thing seen on the truck shows in Louisville, Iowa 80 and many other places in the US famous for Big Rigs on the highway.This is a super model in Tuff Truck Scale (1:20) The detailed plan has some patterns for easy accessory ideas, plus the trailer roof can be opened.
Giant! 43" (110cm) long
Code 195:Classic Tractor-Trailer
Still easy to make, no special tools, just a bit more involved. A super model for the wall unit or writing desk. Make it as a gift or simply to enjoy a piece of transport technic from a bygone era.
18" (460mm) long
Code 187: Scale Model Series
The 48 foot spread axle flat back and drop deck trailer plan. This gives you the option to build either . . .or both for the price of one plan. PLEASE NOTE! The plan is for the trailers only, you need to select the Prime Moverfrom the scale model plans, below on this page.
Models are 21.25” (54cm) long.
Code 174: Scale Model Series
4 Wheeler, 6 Wheeler and 8 Wheeler English lorries all from one plan.
Models are 10” (25cm) and 14” (36cm) long.
Tuff Truck Series Code 149:
18-Wheeler, a popular transport truck is the first plan in the new series “Tuff Truck” for very sturdy and bigger size toys from Aschi”s Workshop. Easy to built, a durable toy for children to play with.           26 ½”  (680mm) long   Scale: 1:20
Code 123:
During the late Twenties, England, Australia and many other countries relied heavily on this Old English Truck for their bulk haulage. Sturdy realism for the old time truck fan.
11½” (300mm) long. Scale 1:18
Code 128 Scale Model Series:
One of the Heavy Vehicles from the early 1930's was this Scammell Log Truck.The detailed plan makes it easy to build a perfect heirloom feature or toy, which is sturdy and long lasting. Scale 1:27 525mm (20 3/4") long
Code 134 Scale Model Series:
Single Axle Dropside Trailer hooked up to the Road Tractor (#136) is the ideal transporter for shorthaul duty. 250mm (10") long. Scale 1:27
Code 135 Scale Model Series:
Beaver Tail Lowboy Trailer This Beavertail Lowboy is easy and quick to build, it fits to the Road Tractor Scale 1:27 490mm (over 19") long
Code 136 Scale Model Series:
2 versatile Road Tractors for pulling different kinds of trailers. All of our 1:27 Scale trailers fit on this models 170mm (7") and 215mm (81/2") long Scale 1:27
Code 137 Scale Model Series:
These 20 foot Dry Van Trailers with double opening doors hook up to all single diff Road Tractors like Code: 136 20 1/2 Inches overall. Scale 1:27
Code 139 Scale Model Series:
Two Trailers from the early 1930's , hooked up to heavy road tractors like the Scammell from the Log Truck. Scale 1:27 length: 13 3/4" (350mm)
Code 141 Scale Model Series:
5 and 10 Ton Cab Over Trucks, Buy One Plan and Build Two Trucks. Both the Flat Bed and High Side Transporter plans are included in your Purchase . Scale 1:27 11 ¼ “ 290mm long
Code 143 Scale Model Series:
3 flatbed trailers, 24; , 30’ and 40 foot all in one plan. Suits Road Tractor . The Models are between 10 ½” (270mm)  and 17 ½”  (445mm) long.             
Build your own 18 Wheeler    Scale : 1:27         
Code 146:
A very popular model of a English 3-ton Lorry from the sixties. Easy to build and sturdy.      13 ½”  (340mm) long   Scale: 1:18

Code 147 Tuff Truck Series:
Early Model Pick Up, a lovely remainder from a bygone time. Easy to build as toy and for display on the mantelpiece.      9 ½”  (240mm) long   Scale: 1:20
Code 150 Scale Model Series:
 5 to 10 ton Trailer for
Cab Over Trucks #141, Buy One Plan and Build Two Trailer. Both the Flat Bed and High Side Transporter plans are included in your Purchase.  Scale 1:27     11 ¼ “   290mm long
Code 151 Tuff Truck Series:
2 big trailers build from one plan. Each rig is 4 foot long, each trailer has 20 wheels. Yes, this are real Tuff trailer for loading lots of things and move it. The plan is for the two trailer only, you need the road tractor from the 18-Wheeler plan Code 149 to make the big rig as shown in the picture.
Code 152 Tuff Truck Series:
A semi trailer and a dog trailer, all in one plan. While the semi trailer hooks up to the road tractor (Plan 149 and Skid Steer Loader not included), the dog trailer has a two axle dolly. This tuff road train is over 4 foot long (125cm) The plan is for the two trailer only, you need the road tractor from the 18-Wheeler plan Code 149 to make the big rig as shown in the picture. Scale 1:20     
Code 154 Scale Model Series:

Sensational plan to build a massive 5½ ft West Australian Iron Ore Tipper. A Road tractor with triple drive train, a semi trailer towing two trailers with 6 axle each. A total of 74 wheels. All trailers are one lever tippers, like the full size version. This comprehensive plan will help you build a true work of art, with lots of parts, yet easy to build like all models from Aschi’s Workshop (168cm) long.     Scale: 1:27  
Get 4 truck plans in one! Code 158 Scale Model Series
Capture the truck style of the 50's and 60's with this easy to build yet detailed plan. Offering great value, you can BUILD ANY OF 4 STYLES FROM THE ONE PLAN! Just click the thumnail for a close up of the type of trucks available to you.
Scale: 1:27 -  9 ½” (24.5cm) and 10 ½” (27cm) long
Code 161 Tuff Truck Series Scale 1:20
In every town is a Steel Yard, selling steel for construction. Utilizing the full length of the truck, a special Steel Truck is used. To load the steel a Yard Crane goes in action… The Truck is over 15 ½” (400mm) long, the Crane is over all 13” (330mm) long. This two models are in one plan for you to build. Functional Yard Crane and Steel Truck in one sensational plan from Aschi’s Workshop.
English Lorry Low Loader Code 162 Scale Model Series Scale 1:27
English Lorry with Low Loader and Steam Traction Engine, all in one plan!
Complete plans for an English Prime mover, Ballast Tractor, Low Loader and Dolly and a free bonus plan for a Steam Traction Engine.
Australian Road Train Model Code 163 Junior Series
Australian B-Double.

An realistic model of the famous Australian overland long haul Road Train.
The lid of the trailers can be opened, so you can store goods inside!
65 ton Low Boy Trailer Code 169 Low Boy 65 ton
American style all purpose Low Loader semi trailer. 20 “ (50cm) long
Scale Model series Scale 1:27
170 53ft reefer Code 170 US 53ft Reefer Junior series
A replica of the impressive rig on Americas Roads and Highways. A real junior model, easy to built and sturdy in children’s hands for ply. The trailer roof can be opened. 25” (63cm) long.
cab over tractor prime mover Code 171 - 3 Cab Over Road Tractors / Prime Movers with 3 different Sleeper cabins -
Scale Model Series 1:27
Ideal for Low Boy (see plan 169) and Flat Bed Trailers (134, 135, 137). You can build from one base model, 3 popular Cab Over versions.
Code 122:
The most famous amphibious vehicle ever manufactured is the Army DUKW. This scale model carries the load on land and in the water with obvious ease.
Yes It floats. Very sturdy vehicle and is easy to build.
14” (350mm) in length. Scale 1:27.
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