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 Wooden Toy Train Plans
We are developing a new "Junior Series" of plans, drawn especially for those new to the hobby of wood modelling or those short on time. These will have the added advantage of being made to stand up to the hard life of being a toy! So you can create a sensational scale model for display or a special toy for your dear child. The first in this series is now available, check out Code 156 further down this page. A sensational new 2.6mt long G9 train. You and your children will love it.
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click for close up Code: 261 - Junior Series Camel Back Steam Locomotive 3-0-3 with Tender.
Go back in time between 1880's till the 1940s when this Loco was found all over the American Continent. Detailed drawings, Patterns and photos makes this plan easy to work and enjoy building something really special. All goods train wagon and wagon from the logging train are suitable in style and size to this unusually Locomotive. Build a train as long you want. Loco and Tender are 15" (38cm) long.
Code: 260 - Junior Series - Diesel Loco, 2 different wagons and a caboose
Reflecting today's logging trains, build the whole rig from the one plan!

model train in woodDetailed drawings and photos makes this plan one of our easiest plans to enjoy from novice to experienced builders. Build as many wagons as you want and set a record in longest train model building - just don't forget the caboose.

This terrific plan builds out to 1 metre (39 inches) with the loco, 2 wagons and caboose.
click for close up Code 222 - G-GUAGE RAILWAY WORKSHOP CAR
A superb new introductory model, so you can build models for your G-Guage railway.
Every railyard uses them, general purpose utility carts to do the heavy carrying and dirty work. This is a well illustrated guide to build your own personal rolling stock.
Check it out for just 3 bucks!
Code: 220 - Junior Series
Build this classic Diesel-Electric Train, based around the famous California Zephyr. Includes 3–Unit A+B+A Loco and 5 different wagon! The plan is very easy to build and has child-safe couplings!

This exclusive 15 page Aschi's Workshop plan, shows you an easy way to build interiors for each of the cars. You can quickly create a sturdy Coach Train which matches all other Junior Trains in size and style. 93 inch (2.36 meter) long.
click for close up Code 201 - Junior Series
Build this old fashioned tram! Bringing back the "ding ding" of the bell and sounds of a bygone era as it clicked and rumbled through the streets of New York or Europe.

Being a Junior Series, this model is easy to build and would make a great desktop ornament in an office.
15" (38cm) in length.
Code 199 - My Very Special Train.
Build it for Christmas, Birthday or as special gift! This toy train will be something different and special for every child.
special wooden toy train plan
The plan is a Junior Series, which means that the toy is not just sturdy, but very easy to make. The coupling is safe, there are no metal parts required.
19" (48cm) long
Code 196 - Junior Series
Steel Mill Railroad. The ideal train for interactive play. Based on the real stuff, the Ingot Moulds can be removed; Hot Metal Ladle can be tilted and also removed!
This train fits in with all other Junior Scale Toys from Aschi's.

28 inch (72cm) long and… easy to build.
Code 175 - Junior Series
English 08 Shunter The famous 08 Schunter with 3 open wagons. 27” (68cm) long.
Code 129:
Narrow Gauge STEAMLOCO, Scale 1:18 7" (18cm) long
Code 131:
Narrow Gauge BOXWAGON, 2 kinds Scale 1:18 5 3/4" (14.5cm) long
Code 130:
Narrow Gauge DOUBLE SIDE TIPPING WAGON, Scale 1:18 5 3/4" (14.5cm) long
Code 142:
This kind of Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco brings back memories when sugarcane was harvested and brickworks had there own trains. Scale 1:18
Code 144:
Narrow Gauge English Steam Train, Scale 1:18
Loco and 2 wagon are nearly  2 ½’ (72cm) long

Code 148:
Popular model of a Narrow Gauge Passenger Wagon. In style and scale fits to all other trains on this page. 8 ½”  (220mm) long   Scale: 1:18
Code: 153
G-Gauge Goods Shed, easy to make from scrap timber, learn a unique way making buildings for the G- Gauge Railway.
Code: 156
Junior Series - easy to build for those short on time!
Sensational 8 ½ foot  (2.6 meter) long Diesel-electric Train based around the famous G9. Includes 8 different wagons, box cars, trailers and a caboose.This 15 page plan is very easy to build and lets you create a model sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of a child's play.       
Code #159
Narrow Gauge Freight Cars.
Build 4 different Freight Cars for your narrow gauge train. Constructed from one base, wagon for the logging train, small trees or big trees, wagon for all sorts of logging. Flat wagon for moving goods and gondola wagon for transporting coal, rocks, sand, you name it… All wagons fit to the 2 foot gauge trains from Aschi’s Workshop. The double Wagon is 1 foot (31cm) long. Scale: 1:18
Code #168
Coal Tender for Steam Locos!

Every steam train needs a coal tender, so Aschis naturally have a plan for the right one for your newly completed train.
Cheap to buy and simple to make, order yours now!
ride on train Code #164 Ride on Train!
Every child loves to dream of having their own ride on rain! here is your chance to fulfill those dreams with this exciting 8 page plan set. You will be able to build the engine and a series of carriages to transport and store toys . . . or any treasure!
44 ton switcher Code: 172 Junior Series The famous 44-ton Diesel Switcher with 3 wagon.
Sensational 3 foot, 3inch (99 centimetre) long. Includes 3 different open gondola wagons, is very easy to build and lets you create a model sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of a child's play.
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