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The woodworking world loves Aschi's Workshop Plans
We have customers from around the world buying and building our plans! When they send in photos of their work, we feel very proud indeed! Here's what some of them have to say.

I enjoyed the easy-to-follow plans which resulted in really sturdy toys so much, that I just could not stop. When the truck was treated to adhesive-backed weather sealing strip for tires, it did make it a bit less of an outdoor toy, but to my mind it just looks so good.

The dozer benefited from a discarded cam belt to act as tracks.
Hennie  from  Naboomspruit in South Africa
Dave Shearer from  Hull in the United Kingdom said:
Hi Peter, You should be very proud of your work, the plans are very easy to follow.
Thank you Dave!
Peter, Aschi’s Workshop
Graham from Perth sent this as an email . . .

Love your plans mate!

(Thanks Graham, we are really glad you like them! Aschi )
Frank Murphy's Comments: It's very refreshing to see such an "Active" woodworking web site ,It seems all to often I come across so many abandoned woodworking sites that have not been updated in quite some time.It seems there's always something worth coming back to take a look at here.
Colin Filmer from Zimbabwe was kind enough to forward us pictures of some of his models and his Grandson enjoying these very personal gifts.
A letter and pictures from Eduardo Aceves in Mexico

Hi Peter,

My name is Eduardo and I am writing you from Mexico to let you know
that the plans you sell have acomplished much this season :-) I bought your plans for the Steam Train and I was able to build the train hat you can see in the pictures I am sending you. But the most important thing is that that the train made a kid very happy.

This little project was acomplished in three days :-) becasue I am not a woodworker nor do I have many tools. Now we have a very strong Train that my son likes very, very much and I am very hapy to have found your plans. I look forward to complete the other plans I got with the steam train.

Best Regards
Eduardo Aceves


John and Daniel playing with the toys, Grandpa Peter made.
Models made by
Chip Hower.

Chips Comments :
Ashi's workshop plans were fun to make and the plans were easy to follow and I look forward to seeing his new ideas"
Joe Merickel's Old English Truck

I really enjoyed making this model,It sure is one neat truck.
Free Dozer as built by Jerry Mullins

The Steering Wheel adds a nice touch
Jerry :-)
Special thanks to Cobus Holtzkampf from Louis Trichardt , South Africa for these nice pics.
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